Queens Park Rangers - Is Any Player Worth £100million?
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Is Any Player Worth £100million?

At the expense of creating a riot, I was just wondering what the general feeling was about Manchester City's proposed £107million purchase of Kaka.

This has absolutely nothing to do with Manchester City. As a QPR fan I cant exactly talk about not throwing the wealth around when & if - altho our Board seem rather more reluctant to throw their money around than the City Board does at present!

This is more to do with the ethical and moral and economic soundness of this transaction.

Surely a deal like this will fuel the flames of discontent? We are, just in case some hadn't noticed, in the middle of a rather serious economic down-turn and spending this sort of money on one player is obscene, in my opinion.

It will also serve to seriously mess up the transfer market for the future - clubs who want to sell to Manchester City in future will up their prices, just as when players' prices rose coz Abramovich started writing out cheques with checking how many noughts there were!

And when (I hope when not if!) QPR do make it into the Premier League, will we be able to 'compete' for players even with our so-called billionaires' backing? And this is not just about QPR but what about all other teams winning, and hoping to win, promotion this year and in the future? What about those teams already in the Premier League who don't have the financial clout of these big spenders? How will they survive?

Some people may say I am envious - not at all as this is not going to personally affect my team (at least, not yet, I hope!)

Every football fan should be afraid of the repercussions if this deal goes through and that is why I do think that UEFA or equivalent should step in before this deal threatens to change football in a big and not particularly pleasant way for ever.

We want to know YOUR thoughts!

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The journalist

Writer: sandydl Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday January 16 2009

Time: 3:56PM

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Answer: NO! End of - transfer should not be allowed!
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16/01/2009 16:01:00

No he is not worth it, but who do you blame, City for paying it, or Milan for asking for that much?
Buzz Lightyear
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16/01/2009 16:10:00

Its his money let him spend it how he wants. What is morally wrong is giving £200billion of our tax payers money to bankers who kepp it whilst ther rest of us suffer.
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16/01/2009 16:14:00

just so you can get some perspective. Highest paid golfer £900,000 week Highest Paid F1 driver £925,000 week Highest Paid Tennis Player £575,000 week Highest Paid Baseball Player £1,400,000 week Highest Paid Company director £4,900,000 week Where was all the outrage then. These are all 2006/7 figures
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16/01/2009 16:20:00

Purely from a football perspective - No but propelling the clubs image towards the global brand that Sheik Mansoor and ADUG require then maybe. People need to consider the bigger picture.
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16/01/2009 16:22:00

A bigger picture that could, ultimately, bankrupt football? Of course City, if they've got it, will spend it and, of course, Milan wont turn it down! That's not the point - should it be allowed to happen is more the point. It's not like Kaka's actually WORTH that sort of money - no one is, Jigga, not even that Co Director, let alone a sportsman - not when so manypeople are now losing their jobs and will lose a lot more, too, besides for the economic crisis is sorted out.
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16/01/2009 16:28:00

How on earth could it bankrupt football? You stupid fool! As for the economic crisis there's now an extra £100,000 going into the coffers. Stop being angry and start using your brain.
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16/01/2009 16:31:00

the ecconomic crisis was caused by no hopers who are now losing their jobs, borrowing money they cant afford spending it on ***** they did not need and thinking that cause they earn £15,000 a year they deserve to have a £500,000 house and a new car every six months. You are right nobody is worth that amount but the man has the money let him spend it how he wants. No one moaned when wages went above £100,000 cause everyone had the money. the reason I think most people are upset is the slow realisation that football is not immune to the current Financial downturn and that all the other teams who use banks to finance players will now not be able to do so. If he spends £1billion on players that will be £1billion more sloshing around world football to be spent by everyone more than if he doesnt spend. The only way clubs will spend big in this transfer window is when they have some of citys cash.
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16/01/2009 16:38:00

I agree entirely swordfish..well said
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16/01/2009 16:39:00

Swordfish - if you want to come on here & be pig rude, go ahead - but that wont make me (a) change my opinion to which I am entitled nor (b) think any higher of your opinion.
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16/01/2009 16:52:00

That money will not "slosh" around world football - just Milan's coffers. But will they use it to good purpose - will they, for example, reduce ticket prices so more Milan fans can see their team (or isn't there an economic problem in Italy - it's only England & the USA that are suffering!) Spending that sort of money will only serve to push prices for players higher & higher and, if you are right Jigga that these deals will have to be funded on existing cash not on (bank) loans, then just WHO is going to finance them? Watch ticket prices go up - watch prices of shirts, scarves, etc go up - watch prices of programmes, hot dogs, beers, etc etc. And who pays those? I'm not angry at this - I dont actually care, as I said in the article, coz it doesn't affect me personally or my club. But I do think it could be dangerous for football as a whole. Yes, prices rise - petrol goes up & down like a yo-yo. But slowly, incremently - not whole massive leaps at a time, like it has with this deal!
Report Abuse
16/01/2009 16:56:00

Sandy dl. Maybe they might use the money to pay the banks back some of the money that they loaned in order to build their team in the first place. And the money will slosh around not only world football but everywhere do you imagine they are just going to look at it in a big room or maybe they will put it in the bank in which case the bank will do something with it. Prices will be dictated by market forces they can put prices up but no one will come as you have pointed out people do not have as much money. Just on another point considering you all think footballers are all money grabbing swines. The total amount of tax an NI that the treasury recieved from players in England last year was just under £600m so when someone mentions rooney or whoever on £120,000 a week remember £48,000 is tax and £14,000 NI. So the top earners pay more in TAX a week than the average wage. and if you believe that prices will rise because of one investor in the market you are crazy. Will a second division side now be demanding more money for another second division player just because CITY are spending all this money no. This is KAKA one of the top three on the planet. Chelsea were bidding £80+m last year and no one mentioned it.
Report Abuse
16/01/2009 17:17:00

Should there be a ceiling on Transfer fee paid? I don't think the clubs would allow that. Players have a right to move clubs if they want and that was down to Bosman and player can and do move for free. Experts said it would be the end of transfer fees and it would cause havoc as no money would change hands bewteen clubs. Now they say it is going to ruin football. I would love a ceiling so all clubs could compete for the best players, I would love for the wages to have a ceiling, but that is not going to happen.
Buzz Lightyear
Report Abuse
16/01/2009 17:42:00

Fair play about the tax/NI the top players shell out & you are right that Milan probably wont want to keep all that lovely money sitting in a room. But it's not going to help the ENGLISh economy - not unless Milan use some of it to buy players like Rooney/Ronaldo etc from our teams. As for 2nd division sides demanding more - no, not from another 2nd division side! But you can bet they'll try to get more from other sides, higher up than they - and that will impact on those higher leagues. Still, whether Kaka is a great player or otherwise - this whole deal is not really about Kaka's genius as a footballer. It's about who can spend the most money to land him! And we wont even go into his honourable claims that he wanted to become a Milan captain - wanted to grow old with Milan. I mean, that suggests loyalty is of greater importance to him than all that lovely money he & his family will be getting. Suddenly, when he's offered a fortune he couldn't even imagine (whether he pays a huge amount of taxes or not), his idea of loyalty is suddenly not looking so clever!!
Report Abuse
16/01/2009 17:45:00

Gary Doherty is. He's mint.
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16/01/2009 18:01:00

Playing devil's advocate tho, Guru, would he remain loyal if he knew he was going to make a mint rather be a mint? Just a question - I'm not looking for a fight, honest ;-)
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16/01/2009 18:09:00

yes kaka is worth that much
lil blackpoolgas
Report Abuse
16/01/2009 18:38:00

I fear what'll happen next season - I mean what a side City'll have, they'll walk the Championship... :D
Report Abuse
16/01/2009 20:35:00

Lol - Boxer ... Now, duck!!
Report Abuse
16/01/2009 21:15:00

lil blackpoolgas - I'm sorry no-one is worth that much money - regardless of demand, profit margins or anything. It's in very poor taste to chuck your money about during a recession. Surely City fans will want reduced entry now, will they get it? Hell no!
Report Abuse
16/01/2009 21:18:00

Elsewhere today I've even read Manchester United fans moaning about the cost of their tickets - so it's the same for any football fan. The Clubs might be rich - the owners might be rich - but us fans aren't by any stretch of the imagination rich. And ultimately it will be us fans who have to pay for a deal like this. OK - so only Man City fans will be rushing out to buy the Kaka shirt, Kaka shoes, etc etc - but it's a trend & ,in good domino fashion, it will affect all of football!
Report Abuse
16/01/2009 21:53:00

jigga1233 - the sports based performers receive their accolades on the basis of being at the peak of thier sport - which Kaka is not - especially if he goes to Man City. I'm interested as to how players like Micah Richards will react. He was loyal to City when he could have left, but I guess that won't matter now to the new owners.
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16/01/2009 22:46:00

As long as they dont get bored and leave City to pay these massive wages im all for it; because brings even better talent to the country.... If not even better.... think of this like a booming economy the point the bubble pops is when the owners are bored and leave ... at the point the bubble popped massive businesses which were capable of making high profits were sold off; in the same way city will sell off the best players in the world on the cheap because they are no longer able to pay their wages ... This might unfortunately bring about another spell of dominance from a Manchester club but im still happy with this.
Report Abuse
17/01/2009 09:23:00

Boxer. "the sports based performers receive their accolades on the basis of being at the peak of thier sport - which Kaka is not" Sorry he is in the top three then was world player of the year last year and came third this year so I believe that would make him at the peak of his sport. Sandydl. Our owners have slashed our prices for certain games and have plans to drop prices further. I saw two uefa games for £20 thats £10 a game not bad for a premiership club. The reason why most clubs are having to put up prices is because like everyone else and the main reason the world is in this current mess is that they borrowed more than they could afford. Now they have to pay it back and as borrowing becomes harder so to does making the payments. If you have to make x amount of money per week and suddenly every area of your income stream is being cut back then the only way that you can do this is to raise prices.
Report Abuse
17/01/2009 10:21:00

Leecookfan The owners will not walk away from this they are doing this for one reason and one reason only to promote their country. They have made massive investments in order to get into as many sports as possible ferrari, world rally, f1 grand prix, world golf tournament, tennis the list goes on. These are very different people and put a very high value on honour(no thats not another new signing) so they will never walk away and leave any investment that they make in a bad position as this will ultimately reflect badly on their country. These people dont walk away from anything they just keep going and going until they have the best and then they take that and make it better. Do a search on Abu Dhabi and have a look at the pictures. These are people who have visions and will stop at nothing to achieve it. In Dubai they have one of the worlds best airports and terminals that serve the middle east. Abu Dhabi is around 70 miles from this airport. So do Abu Dhabi decide to use this amazing airport??? No they decide to build one 45 miles away at a cost of over £30billion because they want to be able to say our airport is the best in the UAE. Well they want to be able to say our MCFC is the best in the world and with the KAKA bid weather it fails or succeeds shows that they will stop at nothing to achieve this.
Report Abuse
17/01/2009 10:32:00

Hold the back page - a £107m bid for Kaká by Manchester City is out of order because it is just ‘ridiculous'. Just as their £32.5m capture of Robinho was. And just how Chelsea's £30.8m Shevchenko deal and Manchester United's £30.75m transfer of Berbatov wasn't. You know, I can understand that people think £107m is a bit much, but certainly not £32.5m, when others have paid slightly less - and one of them was for a total flop. But, first off, the transfer fee for Kaká (and he's not even signed a contract yet, so it may never go through) is coming out of Sheikh Mansour's pocket. It is his money and his right to spend it how he wishes, so if he decides he wants to allow Mark Hughes to spend a nine-figure sum on a Brazilian player - who's not half bad, in fairness - then he can do, just as you have the right to spend your own money on football shirts, items on eBay, newspapers, DVDs that you never take out of the cellophane, Sky TV or internet porn. Saying that you could build x number of hospitals or y number of schools is irrelevant. It's privately owned money - your savings don't go towards local amenities and so neither does Sheikh Mansour's. Your tax does. And so does Sheik Mansour's. The fact that he has decided to do it in such a crunchy credit world seems to have upset a lot of people. But I don't see their problem - he's spending his money how he chooses, just as everybody else is. He's just got the good fortune to have more money than most of the people on the planet. That doesn't mean he shouldn't buy who or what he wants for a price he deems to be reasonable. The real question is why should City curb their spending, when no such limits have been placed on any other football club? The top four have been spending what they have liked for years, but now it's somebody else's turn, they don't seem to like it. Moving on to Kaká's proposed wage: Reports have estimated it to be either £100,000 p/w or £500,000 p/w, depending on who you believe. And this has sent the majority of non-City supporting members of the public into outrage - how can he earn such a wage while people who do much more important jobs and save lives earn less? It's a sentiment I agree with, but it's the way of football. It's not City's fault football as a whole spends so much on wages and it's certainly not Kaká's fault, either. If you want to stop City paying him up to £500,000 p/w, then you have to stop Manchester United paying Ronaldo £119,000 p/w - unless it's ok for them to do that because they're in the top four? The problem is that every footballer earns too much, just as film stars and pop singers do. Actors generally get paid more than footballers and they just pretend to be a character doing something else. But they're only human, and if somebody offered you £500,000 p/w to do a job you loved doing, would you turn it down? Did anybody complain when it was reported David Beckham would be earning something in the region of £500,000 p/w at LA Galaxy? And bear in mind here that if Kaká does sign for such a weekly wage, he would have to live in England to play for City. He would, therefore, have to pay tax on his earnings. Lewis Hamilton has earned a hell of a lot of money from his Formula One career thus far, yet there's been no criticism of him for moving to Switzerland - where he claimed he'd be less hounded by the press, but, oddly, he'd be able to reap numerous tax benefits (to the tune of roughly £4m p/a). Kaká would pay up to £10.3m tax p/a, just to put that into perspective. And that's on money that currently isn't being taxed. Keanu Reaves earned roughly £22.3m for the final Matrix film (15% of the gross plus $12m). That film will have been less work for him that it would be for Kaká (assuming he's not facing any long injuries and plays most, if not all, of City's matches for 2009), who would earn roughly £16m for the year, minus tax. Blaming City for the current state of footballers' wages is wrong. If the owner has the money, he can offer those wages; if he doesn't, he can't - it's as simple as that. It's the way football was working before City and the way it will work after City. All they have done is raise the bar, that so many others, mainly the top four as far as Britain is concerned, had dominated. And now they can't have their own way, they've gone for a little sulk.
Report Abuse
17/01/2009 13:49:00

Except that, as predicted, apparently Real Madrid have now come in with an effort to "hi-jack" City's proposed acquisition of Kaka - how will Madrid win that race? By offering even more money than City did. So, wot happens next? There's an inflation-like upward spiral and football ends up the loser coz, if only half-a-dozen (if that) of clubs around the world can match these types of figures, then they will move even further away from the rest sending football itself as a national & an international game into a frenzy. Just WHO will the television companies want to show every week - it'll be those top few clubs & forget the rest! And that is assuming that t.v. puts into football the same or similar amount of money it has been giving - when the t.v. deal comes up for renewal later this year. This is a circular argument - and also could be meaningless if the deal doesn't happen (!) What it is not, is an attack on Manchester City as a Club - these sentiments would have be raised whoever made such a ludicrous and obscene bid for one player. Prove me wrong on that!
Report Abuse
18/01/2009 16:30:00

Apparently the bid for kaka may not be that much, It maybe a hoax by Bernasconi too get him good press, Kaka stays and hes a hero. He is the one that mentioned the £100m on his website. I don't think City have talked to Kaka and mentions of such high wages were dispelled by The Sheikhs
Buzz Lightyear
Report Abuse
19/01/2009 17:20:00

It was a move totally engineered by Silvio - it's all a PR stunt, I don't think he will go...
Report Abuse
19/01/2009 17:44:00


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